Consulting Services

I provide consultation services to individuals, nonprofits and corporations.

These services include talks, workshops and multi-session trainings related to mindfulness meditation, workplace organization and somatic therapy.

Corporate Trainings

My corporate consulting includes mindfulness practices, changes in corporate culture and supporting the local management of corporate crises.  I develop content-based programs to address specific corporate needs and deliver them in ways that are congruent with corporate culture. I offer introductions to meditation, a multi-week meditation course and support human resources to manage complex employee cases involving mental health issues. For community-based non-profit organizations, I offer in-service staff trainings related to simple and complex trauma, leadership retreats, and mindfulness practices for stress management. I also design in-house training programs as described above and can deliver advanced clinical trainings to mental health professionals on a variety of topics.

Clinical Consultation

I offer clinical consultation to psychotherapists managing complex cases. My specialties include early attachment trauma, complex PTSD, substance abuse and challenges in the therapeutic process with difficult clients. I can offer such services to individual therapists or in groups case consultation.

Meditation Consultation

I offer three types of meditation-related services to individuals. I meet with people individually to introduce them to meditation and help them start their practice. I work with novice meditators to help them stabilize their practice, and we consult with experienced meditators who are looking to deepen and enhance their meditation practice. To inquire about consulting services, contact Michael Shiffman at 310-445-2160.

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