My Services

The services I provide bring together decades of experience. 
Academic, 12-step, meditation, clinical training and a healthy does of commonsense and wisdom.

My clinical work is grounded in mindfulness, somatic awareness and the exploration of attachment strategies.  Built on that core is my diverse set of somatic practices that range from somatic experiencing to neurophysiological and neuroaffective touch.  I approach childhood trauma through the lens of attachment strategies and the neuroaffective relational model and when there are particularly difficult memories and experiences I integrate EMDR to adapt traumatic memories in a more functional way within the memory system.
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I teach in two areas: mindfulness practices and somatic therapy.  I teach mindfulness meditation as a formal practice and in the context of a wide array of awareness, mindfulness and embodiment exercises.  I teach somatic practices that range from the natural impulse for biological completion to the use of physical touch for neurophysiological regulation and attachment repair.
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I provide consulting related to mindfulness and trauma.  Whether it is designing a corporate program or training, group or individual consultation, or support related a workplace or private practice emergency, I can provide training and consultation.
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